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Zoom Player MAX It plays almost any format you throw at it and its interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use.Zoom Player’s primal purpose was to fill a gap in multimedia playback.Novices found media players too complicated, while power users considered them too simple.A good media player should find a way to please both categories; the interface must be user friendly andthe main commands must be very intuitive, while the most advanced options need to be comprehensiveand not causing confusion to beginners.And this is what Zoom Player strives to obtain.Apart from versatility, Zoom Player distinguishes itself with a wide range of functionalities: creating andmanaging playlists, drag and drop file opening method, switching between various playing modes, basicediting tools etc.Zoom Player is available in three versions: Zoom Player Home Free, Zoom Player Home Professional,Zoom Player Home MAX, each more complex than its predecessor. The free version is more than enough to satisfy an average user.

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