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Windows 10 September 2016

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Windows  10 Update September 2016. significant changes in Windows can be seen
from the Desktop, including the ability to Multipoint or multiple desktops or start a new compilation of Windows 7 starter and is 8. As well as all existing app on Windows can be opened in a separate window and the ability to switch between Windows more comfortable. The possibility of the Windows Taskbar to View Task that is added, the original version of the popular Windows and 10 PRO that is superior to Windows 8 and 8.1 is much more professional and more users are using it. Search faster in Windows 10 working for many users is easy in such a way that you bghl start menu you will see a box and typing the desired word in the virtual space and time in your operating system it will appear. Other notable changes in Windows Microsoft Windows browser 10 added Edge that can be compared to the Internet Explore eye-making changes to the browser. As well as adding various tasks to remember Cortana and search for content through programs or on the Internet. Download Windows updates from the last 10 download English.

Download Windows 10 September 2016

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