Windows 8.1 AIO NOV 2016 Crack + Registration Keys Full Download 2022

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Windows 8.1 AIO NOV 2016 Free download Operating systems Windows Windows 8.1 is one of the best masterpieces of the software giant, Microsoft. After Microsoft also handles the smart Tablet Windows 8.1 AIO NOV 2016 Free download your Windows mail with the name of the Tablet Surface, Windows 8 Pro supply also for this model of optimum tablets and many possibilities to add it. The basic version of the Windows Start menu to always return with 8.1 tried to satisfy the users around the world. Then remove the Windows button from the upper-left corner to the company’s engineers into a consistent lack of users, this time it was apparent with 8.1 in Windows with the Metro fashion design. Other features that Windows 8.1 added user login by the design pattern that is already on the phone were seen android. As well as the separation of the primary screen that Windows app after logging in to this page by a Flash on the lower part of the left and the user to redirect a page that can be all the software installed to view them according to a different layout. Other extra features can be added to the possibility to Mount the ISO files noted that the side without the need for software can be these files to a virtual drive and sent its contents view. The Security section of the Windows are also undergoing changes so that the Windows Defender security system to change the name of the data that can be better than before to identify security threats against the system. Facebook and Twitter-like app Metro also were in this update and the functionality of the user environment and more attractive than the prior version.

Windows 8.1 AIO NOV 2016 Free download

New features added to Windows 8.1:

  • Returns the Start button to the left corner of the.
  • Classification of isolated them from the app and start home page.
  • A graphical screen lacquer.
  • Optimize Windows Store.
  • Added social networking tools.
  • Added the latest version of Internet Explorer.
  • The ability to open ISO files without the need of software.
  • Optimize Windows Defender security system.
  • The possibility of a Windows restore to factory settings.
  • Windows password reset tool through the boot.
  • Fix Windows in Boot mode.
  • Direct entry to the desktop after login.

Windows 8.1 AIO NOV 2016 Free download


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