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Quran Majeed iphone Free download

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Descriptions :

Quran Majeed software 5.6.8 are one of the best and most complete Quran software for the Android system, complete with the software Quran in translation and interpretation at your disposal located users, all Quranic verses with 18 different language translated and has 4 English translation, this software is more than 8 players recite your favorite and very popular that you can use for audio , You can change the font sizes in the Quran and to bring on your favorite size, suitable for all Quran software systems for IOS 4.3 above, hope you enjoy this software from download.

Quran Majeed software features 5.6.8 :

  • Easy operation
  • Translation and interpretation of the complete
  • Translated with 18 different languages
  • English translation
  • More than 8 a popular recitation
  • Audio files
  • Change the font size of the verses
  • Can be used in all iPhone smartphone, iPad, iPods
  • Suitable for all IOS 4.3 systems up

Quran Majeed iphone Free download


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