Pluralsight PHP Web Application Security Video Tutorial Terbaru Download 2022

Pluralsight PHP Web Application Security Video Tutorial This feature can be used to create non-Web or software applications with a graphical user interface used. PHP is free software which is licensed under the PHP release. This license is due to put restrictions on the use of PHP, with GNU General License (GPL) compatible.
PHP can be installed on most Web servers. As well as the ability to install it as a separate loose on almost all operating systems and platforms, or platforms.
20% of the security problems in September 2013 ad released by the national security database, with the PHP language. This stuff is mostly due to the lack of use of appropriate procedures can be created by programmers. This is while the technical problems that there are PHP language itself, are very low. Given that many mistakes, programmer, has repeatedly suggested that the ability to detect security errors in the PHP language be included as these errors to give the programmer’s report. Although such a tool for the PHP language is developing, but they so far have been rejected and these tools have been added to the language. PHP Web Application Security educational Pluralsight videos by one of the best programmer are called Christian Wenz and Pluralsight company this series to the public. Hope of security training videos download in PHP fun.

Profile PHP Web Application Security educational videos Pluralsight;

  • Genre: educational
  • Company: Pluralsight
  • Lecturer: Christian Wenz
  • Training project are:
  • Duration of training: 7 hours and 18 minutes
  • Language: English
  • The display quality: 720 x 1280
  • File format: Mp4
  • English subtitles: no
  • Persian subtitle: no

Educational video topics Web Application Security PHP Pluralsight:

  • Introduction
  • PHP Web security
  • Do you have PHP unsafe?
  • Security Essentials
  • Input validation
  • Online store
  • What is input?
  • Hacking shop

Further validation with PHP

  • Expansion of the ctype
  • The filter extension
  • Type 4 + PHP
  • Cross-site (XSS) اسکریپتینگ
  • Cracking shop
  • The Anatomy of XSS
  • Sameorigin policy
  • The consequences of XSS

Types of XSS

  • Filter the entries
  • Avoid XSS in JSON
  • XSS browser protection
  • Familiarity with content security policy (CSP)
  • Use the content security policy
  • Testing the content security policy
  • SQL injection

SQL injection how it works

  • The vulnerable code patterns
  • Prevention of SQL Injection
  • Prepared commands with PDO
  • Prepared with the MySQL commands
  • Prepared with PostgreSQL commands
  • Prepared with SQLite commands
  • Prepared commands with Oracle
  • Prepared commands with Microsoft SQL Server
  • State management
  • Cookies explained
  • Securing cookies
  • Session with PHP
  • Session attacks and countermeasures
  • Secure PHP sessions
  • CSRF countermeasures
  • Create a password with PHP
  • Clickjacking
  • Avoid Framing
  • Storage of passwords
  • Hashing or encryption?
  • Hashing algorithm
  • Cracking MD5
  • Hashing algorithm PHP
  • Fix error
  • Hacking shop
  • PHP error configuration settings
  • Custom error handling
  • Disable manifest information

Pluralsight PHP Web Application Security Video Tutorial Download


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