LSI Keyword to Boost Site Ranking + LSI Keyword Generator Crack + License Key Full Download 2022

Getting top rankings on SERPs is not as difficult as most website or blog owners perceive. In fact, it is all about using the right SEO Techniques together with creating top quality content.

One way for enhancing SEO rankings and increasing traffic to your website or blog is by using LSI Keywords. It is one of the best techniques for getting better search engine rankings.

So, if you are not fully aware of LSI Keywords or more importantly, how you can use “LSI Keywords” to improve your SEO, then simply read on as this post takes you through the ins and out of LSI Keyword and how you can benefit by using them in your content.

Believe me, the best thing about using LSI or related Keyword in your content is the fact that you do not have to do anything extra to rank your posts on Google or other search engines. You just have to know how to use LSI Keywords effectively in your content.

That’s what most successful bloggers and website owners are doing for getting high rankings on SERPs.

“Best results with less effort” is what LSI Keywords deliver to you.

So, if you are aiming for high rankings on SERPs, it is crucial to implement LSI Keyword as a part of your SEO Strategy.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI Keywords or Latent Semantic Index Keywords are word phrases which are related to your primary focus keyword. They are synonyms, substitutions and related phrases to the main focus keyword(s).

Most of the times, they are sentimentally and logically related to your focus keyword. They are often used by search engines to validate the quality of your content.

For example, if your post is on “Windows”, your post should logically include, “Microsoft”, “Bill Gates”, “Windows 10” and so on as mentions. These related words are LSI Keywords which search engines use to differentiate and rank your post in SERPs.

Let’s take another example.

For instance, your primary keyword is “dog training”. Other related keywords that you can use include puppy training, dog behavior, housebreaking, and the like. These related keywords would be LSI Keywords.

With related Keywords you can target several keywords at a time to get better search engine rankings and can generate high traffic to your blog.

You might have also noticed that Google highlights the synonyms in SERPs. These synonyms are nothing but LSI Keyword in Google vocabulary. For example, if you search for, “ps picture size”, Google highlights the words “picture, photo, image.”


Now, you have a clear idea what are LSI Keywords.

Keyword Research Tools

Where to include LSI Keywords?

The good thing about using LSI Keywords is that they are SEO-friendly. Moreover, it is better to use LSI Keyword than to use the same keyword over and over again in
your blog post. LSI or similar Keywords help to increase content relevance.

However, they are some basic ruled of using LSI Keywords.

More specifically, you can include LSI Keyword in:

Title Tag
Header Tags
Anchor Texts
Beginning Paragraph
Ending Paragraph

That said, you should avoid stuffing LSI Keywords in your blog post as it can be taken as spamming.

Benefits of Using LSI Keywords

The big benefit of using LSI Keywords is that you can target several keywords at a time to get more traffic. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of using LSI Keywords in your article. They are listed below:

Fast Indexing: LSI Keywords makes your content rich for the visitors. Search engines like rich content and give priority to such content to index fast.

Natural Ranking: LSI optimized articles get a natural boost in search engine rankings, become viral, and creating tons of traffic.

No spamming: LSI Keywords help to make your content spam free in the eyes of search engines. Using keyword phrases that are semantically related to your primary keywords helps to increase your content’s credibility.

Reduce Bounce Rates: LSI Keyword help in reducing bounce rates by preventing your site from ranking for the wrong terms. They make the flow of content natural and meaningful.

Improve Search Engine Rankings: Articles with related Keywords are ranked better and get an opportunity to appear among top results in related searches. Now search engines use LSI criteria to rank your site for semantically related searches irrespective of the target keyword.

Improve Blog Authority: LSI Keywords open the door for better search engine rankings which is instrumental in getting more click through rates and more authority of your blog.

Increase Sales: With LSI Keyword there is less competition and exact buyer intent which go to propel sales. For example, Amazon records as much as 57% of all sales through keywords that are the long tail and LSI versions of the main keyword.

Generate Traffic with Long Tail Keywords

How to find LSI Keywords?

You can use the following LSI Keyword Generator Tools for finding LSI Keywords:

1. LSI Graph
2. SEOPressor
3. Google Auto Complete
5. Google Related Search

1. LSI Graph: It is a very handy tool for generating good LSI Keyword. All you have to do is to enter your main or focus keyword, clear the Captcha, and hit “Generate”. The result it shows are some gems of LSI Keywords related to the main keyword that you entered.


2. SEOPressor: It is a WordPress Plugin used to optimize your posts for search engines. It can be used to find LSI Keywords and Check Keyword Density. You can set up to 3 keywords for your content. It then suggests LSI Keyword based on your seed keywords. It even warns you if your post is over optimized for any keyword. It is a paid tool.


3. Google Auto Complete: It is the Google’s search tool that you probably have used. Whenever you enter words into Google’s search field, it will suggest terms that are potentially related to your search term. These suggestions are LSI Keywords or synonyms that you can use in your blog or website content.


4. It is another good tool that you can use to generate LSI Keywords. It displays the result keywords in alphabetical order. Although it is a paid tool, its free version lets you easily to generate LSI Keywords for your blog posts.


5. Google Related Search: Google search shows you the related search at the bottom of the search results when you make a particular query. You just have to search the main keyword in Google. It then returns you all the related keywords for the main search term at the bottom of SERP.


As we can now appreciate, LSI Keywords can be instrumental in generating huge traffic for your blog or website. So, in your overall content strategy, using LSI Keyword should be among the top priorities. Moreover, LSI Keywords make your content more meaningful to your readers. So, you should use related words or synonyms apart from using main focus keyword in your content. The basic idea should be to make your content LSI-friendly.

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