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Descriptions :

Intergraph TANK is Intergraph or COADE Tank Another oil products for the design and analysis of oil storage tanks and evaluation of existing tanks have been manufactured and used. It’s very high capabilities in the design and careful analysis, the Vaqyshdn final design and the best software programs to this sector of the oil industry, he added.
Facilities and software features Intergraph TANK :
– Menu-based interface for quick and easy use
– Evaluation and analysis of wall thickness, materials and required material, the thickness of the bottom sheet and …
Intergraph TANK 2016 v8 Free Download
– Very high software flexibility
– Support Vessels with conical roofs
– Ability to Khrvjygrftn graphical form as tables and charts.
– Has an extensive database of materials
– The calculation of lateral loads and pressure affect them
– Ability to model and so simulate wind flow, vibration and earthquake accordance with the latest international standards
– View information about the different items and so provide assistance fast and accessible
Tips Intergraph TANK :
– This version is fully installed and tested and so will be presented for the first time by Danlvdly.
– public placement, for Intergraph products that are compatible with Laysnsmnjr version 11, will be used.
– Full tutorial Persian and video installation and activation of this series, with pack and so presented separately.
Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon dual-core processor or higher higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM or higher
Display: one thousand two hundred and eighty × 1,024 or higher, with True Color
Video Card: 256 MB or greater video RAM, OpenGL 1.1 or later, DirectX 9.0 or later, drivers updated with the latest manufacturer’s drivers – Motherboard-integrated video cards not recommended for desktop systems

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