IA writer pro 6.0 Mac Gratis Terbaru Version Download 2022

IA writer pro 6.0 Mac Free Download With advances in computer technology and mobile , efficacy of this device several times, and in practice they are unable to do anything. One of the daily needs of smartphone owners and professional editing text notes as soon as the Mac is not. The different types of processors, but in the meantime the text of IA writer pro 6.0 Mac app has many benefits that some of them are mentioned below.

A key feature of the software iA Writer Pro 6.0 :

  •  Advanced keyboard arrow keys to navigate the text comfort
  •  The Mac that focus on writing
  •  Fonts custom optimized for Mac
  •  User-friendly interface and simple environment
  •  Ability to share documents between iDevice and cloud services
     And …

IA writer pro 4.0 Mac Free Download

But what distinguishes iA Writer Pro is similar to other software?

Sometimes we need to type text, but only want to type out the various options available in some of the tools we need to be more professional. In this case, the so-called minimal typing tools we are using. Tools such as iA Writer minimal typing a simple environment give you the lowest editing text, but instead are fast and you have to focus more on writing text to help. In iA Writer is an interesting feature called Focus the active Carden it’s just that you’re writing a sentence in the middle of the screen are highlighted and displayed Give and sentences that are already written a gray color to the text that is better able you concentrate on writing. IA Writer also has the ability to sync with iCloud, meaning that you can enter text on your Mac and then continue it on your iPhone or iPad (by installing this app on iPhone or iPad) to write. If you write too much, is not bad to try iA Writer.

With advances in computer and mobile technology, the efficiency of these devices several times in practice and are able to do anything. One of the daily needs of smart phone owners and professional editing text notes in the quickest time possible.

IA writer pro 4.0 Mac Free Download


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

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