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Description :

In Angry Birds Go! players can choose how they want to move their kart. If players choose tilt, they

must the tilt the device into the direction they want the kart to move into. If players choose touch,

players must then tap on either the left or right part of the screen to move the kart to the left or right

respectively. To start the race, they must pull the kart back from a large slingshot, then release when the

GO! text appears. If players release it early, all other opponents will also launch early, but the player’s

kart will spin, slowing it down. Players can collect coins while racing. Players can also use a character’s

special power, depending on the bird or pig they selected to race. But instead of collecting it on the track,

they charge up, and be reusable in a race for three gems. The races, however, has no laps whatsoever

and when finished with the race one energy unit, shown as cupcakes, is lost and is slowly regained with

time. When players are not racing, they may use the collected coins to upgrade their kart. This feature is

essential on progressing for certain race types may only be repeated if a kart’s CC or Cake Capacity is

high enough, which can be increased by upgrading. Players can also change characters when not racing,

for each character has their own unique special power, that can greatly help players on certain race

types, and most importantly if the chosen racer is out of energy.

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