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Accuracer is a built-in SQL database file that is a good alternative to the default Delphi engine. All information in this database is stored in a single portable file. Using Accuracer is simple and does not require any special preparations. It allows you to implement a variety of simple programs that have little access to the database to large client server programs.

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Accuracer is a type of SQL database is a single file that is a good alternative to built-in default CID Delphi. All information in this database within single portable file storage. The use of special preparations needAccuracer is simple and will not be. To include a variety of simple applications that have little access tothe database server and the client has a large program or file server that implements the. Accuracer fully supports Unicode, it can be easily stored and a set of SQL functions in it. In addition to the simple jQuery can make complex requests through the jQuery nested into the database. For sensitive applications that will support secure transactions, should this product has the necessary predictions and make transactions at any stage can be rollback. To increase the speed of access to the database can be on the desired fields defined index (index of an optimal tree for B + Tree is used).
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Accuracer relational mode fully supports foreign keys and original types and can be as well defined as the occurrence of the axis, establishing certain conditions as soon as you want to run and do things that you’ve defined. ODBC driver for this product and those for the purposes of cross-platform version of Kylix. Accuracer is a product and a unique approach to comprehensive and convenient access to SQL, use it any dll or not subject to the accessories and finally a full-fledged alternative to the default SQL CID Delphi BDE IE. All Delphi developers recommend the use of this product in their agenda.

AidAim Accuracer Full Source Free download

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