Adobe Connect Enterprise 11.7 Crack Free Download

Descriptions :

adobe-connect-bwAdobe Connect software is very popular for meetings, conferences and online training classes. The program in previous years with titles such as Presedia Publishing System, Macromedia Breeze and Adobe Acrobate Connect Pro known in recent years as its new Adobe Connect is renamed. Using any type of online meeting can be held in the context of the Web, including holding webinars, online training

Adobe Connect Enterprise 9.5 Free Download

courses, conferences and so on. This product is perfect for the company’s other flash-based technology is designed. You can connect using established full interaction with people present at the meeting.Using the whiteboard, audio and video and interactive slides can be discussed with all members present gave a full explanation of the subject. The possibility of sharing Page admins and users, allow private chat with a user, queuing requests and questions from users and many other interesting features. It is significant and continuous improvements in every version of Adobe’s key product features is still on the rise.

Features and Adobe Connect:

  •  The interface is very simple and clear
  • Allows full customization rooms and classrooms
  • Support for VoIP
  • Possible audio and video conferences
  • Recording sessions
  • Users the ability to share desktop screen
  • Dry whiteboard and ancillary facilities such as note taking and chat with users
  • Full management of users, administrators and report them
  • Central hosting allows data sharing between members meeting
  • Ability to set image and sound quality to match the different internet connections
  • And …


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